5 Steps To Quiet Your Mind & Clear The To-Do List

Ever noticed that just like your home, your mind can get so cluttered with all of the LIFE that gets in the way of the things you want to do? There’s a never-ending task list growing in your head (and on your notes app) and you can’t seem to catch a break?

Let’s talk about reclaiming your sanity with 5 essential steps tailored for the multitasking marvels among us. Life gets chaotic, especially when you’re juggling work and motherhood.  This week alone, I’m juggling developmental leaps, sleep regressions, clients that have less patience than my two year old, and I somehow have to prep my household for my 3-day absence next week. So, let’s dive into 5 steps to quiet your mind and clear that ever-growing to-do list – because I’m going to need some clarity to get through the next few days! Here’s what I do to get out of my head and into go mode, even in the midst of the chaos.


1: Clear the Clutter | Write it All Down


Ever feel like your mind is a buzzing beehive of tasks and deadlines? It’s time to clear the clutter. Grab a notepad and unload your thoughts. From work projects to baby milestones, write it all down. Creating a tangible list can be remarkably therapeutic, freeing your mind to focus on the tasks at hand.


Once you have your master list, get a post-it note and write 3 things – those are your focus for the day. Yes, you can do more than 3, but not until those first 3 are knocked out. I find that when I have a top 3 focus for the day, I don’t have nearly as much anxiety as when I’m looking at a list with 20 items on it. 


2: Be Honest with Yourself | Set Realistic Expectations


That whole superwoman trope? She’s out. We don’t do that here. It’s crucial to recognize our current capacity. As a mom, accept that some days will be a juggling act. Set realistic expectations for what you can achieve. Understand that motherhood has its wins, and it’s okay to reprioritize when needed.

Your expectations of yourself should be a direct reflection of your current capacity. If they aren’t, it’s time to recalibrate. (I like to recalibrate by tracking my time and holding myself accountable by limiting the time I’m in front of my laptop when my kids are awake.) Set firm boundaries for work, motherhood, and the things/people that matter most to you. Then recalibrate when you notice you’ve strayed away from those boundaries.


3: Delegate | Some Things Are NOT Worth Your Time


It’s okay to ask for help! Delegate tasks where possible, both at work and home. Whether it’s getting a family member to watch the little ones for a couple of hours or outsourcing specific work tasks, sharing the load can be a game-changer. You don’t have to do it all alone.


It wasn’t until I hired help (which I was ADAMANT I could never afford) that I was able to carve out space for myself, get back to the gym, and make MORE money. Funny how that works, huh?


4: Focus Only on the Current Task | Stressing is NOT Productive!


In a world of constant distractions, focus is your secret weapon. When tackling a task, shut out the noise and concentrate on the present. Multitasking might seem like a superpower, but it often leads to burnout. Embrace the power of one task at a time.


Back to that list we made! I use a daily planner. Instead of creating a to-do list, I write things down from my master list into my planner once they are complete so that I can see my progress through the day. Instead of a to-do list, It’s an accomplishment list. Instead of seeing what isn’t done, I’m able to see how much space I’ve filled through the week.


5: Give Yourself Grace | Let What’s Done be Enough for Today


Motherhood is a full-time job on its own. Some days, despite your best efforts, the to-do list might not shrink as much as you’d like. Give yourself grace. Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, and let what’s done be enough for today. Tomorrow is a new opportunity.


So, let’s recap the 5 steps to quiet your mind and clear the to-do list:


  1. Clear the Clutter: Write it all down to free your mind.
  2. Be Honest with Yourself: Set realistic expectations based on your current capacity.
  3. Delegate: Don’t hesitate to ask for help at work and at home.
  4. Focus Only on the Current Task: Master the art of single-tasking.
  5. Give Yourself Grace: Celebrate your wins and let what’s done be enough for today.

This journey from clutter to clarity is something I’ll guide you through in my upcoming MOMEO Membership. From developing a marketing plan to automating administrative processes, we’ll navigate it all together. Ready to reclaim your balance? Sign up today!


Here’s to quieter minds and more accomplished to-do lists. Until next time, MOMEOs! 🌸✨



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