Saying “Yes” is Overrated: Lessons in Entrepreneurship

I want to have a candid conversation about saying “yes” and the game-changing benefits of confidently saying “no.” In entrepreneurship, it can be easy to say yes to everything – and I get that. However, as an entrepreneur, you have to create firm boundaries so that you can care for yourself, avoid burn-out, and give your clients your best self and best work.


Let’s be real for a minute – the truth is that:

  • Saying “yes” to every opportunity is NOT the key to success. The reality is, it often leads to overwhelm and burnout.
  • You’re still a good entrepreneur if you’re not showing up in every single networking event.
  • Overcommitting is NOT a sign of dedication. In fact, it can negatively impact your well-being and the quality of your work.
  • Saying “yes” to everyone will NOT earn universal approval. In reality, it can dilute your focus and hinder your ability to serve your ideal clients effectively.
  • Indiscriminate agreement depletes your most valuable resources – time and energy.
  • It’s important to set clear boundaries to protect your time, energy, and sanity.

Here’s what I actually recommend you do:

  • Define Your Ideal Client: Expanding on the significance of knowing exactly who your ideal client is and how it transforms your approach to opportunities.
  • Set Firm Boundaries: Explore the empowerment that comes with confidently saying “no” to projects that don’t align with your mission and values.
  • Prioritize Self-Care: the crucial role of self-care in maintaining the energy and enthusiasm needed to serve your clients effectively
Let’s shift from the draining cycle of saying “yes” to the empowering practice of strategic decision-making.


  1. Define Your Ideal Client
  2. Set Firm Boundaries
  3. Prioritize Self-Care
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